Gašper´s Mill

Gašper´s Mill – the villa, which stands on the place of the original mill at the end of the Subtatran village of Batizovce. Our mill will offer relax, intimate surroundings, excellent gastronomy, privacy and unforgettable artistic experience! Let you whirl away by fabulous atmosphere, discover magic of the past, make whack of luxury, enjoy stroke of nature and have a rest among real artistic works.

Moment - Bistro & Accomodation

Two floors of the Moment – Bistro & Accomodation offer ten spacious, comfortable and stylish rooms. Each room is different and is comfortable for individuals as well as for couples or families.

All rooms have a bathroom with a shower or bath and toilet. The bathrooms are equipped with towels, hotel cosmetics and hairdryers. The rooms have an LCD TV, the view from the rooms shows either the panorama of Batizovce village or our garden. Free Wi-Fi and parking are available throughout the property.

After a busy day or during your break, you can relax in the Finnish sauna. In summer you can relax by the fire in our romantic garden or actively on our tennis court.

House at FIRES

The company FIRES, s.r.o. would like to provide you an easier access to our services, that is why we offer you an opportunity to find an accommodation in the House at FIRES. Our house does not have a character of a strict and kindless hostel, but it provides tasteful, friendly and familiar atmosphere and it expects your friendly attitude, too. We take care of keeping you informed, that is why we provide you with several basic information.


The House is situated in a newly rising residential area of Batizovce, where live mainly young families. It is in direct neighborhood of FIRES premises so all the problems regarding transport to your temporal workplace in FIRES would be solved. One of the advantages is a possibility to walk directly from the House to FIRES, already changed in your work-clothes. After your comeback to the house, you can take off and leave your work-clothes in the dressing-room at the entrance, what ensures cleanliness and pleasant atmosphere in your sleeping room.


There are common rooms available for you – dayroom, kitchen and dressing-room. There is free WiFi signal available in the whole House.


Dressing room is supposed to be a storage place for your work-clothes to spare space in your room and keep it clean. There are also slippers you can borrow.


Dayroom and kitchen is supposed to be a place for your relax, drinking coffee, tea or eating some snack. In case you were not able to bring your own food, there is a „basic“ packet in the freezer, which you can use free of charge until you bring your own food. We also recommend you to use restaurants situated near our House or the food delivery service. There is a relax seating, TV and fireplace in the dayroom.


There is an own terrace and backyard. Paved areas serve for car parking – two cars could be parked under cover of shelter.


The House at FIRES is a low-energy building with an own heating recuperation and air-condition. Heating regulation and recuperation is automatic and set up in advance.


The House at FIRES is connected to the public water supply. The water is drinkable. Hot water is provided by a boiler. It is respectable to use hot water economically and do not waste it.


The House at FIRES is equipped by linens and towels which we change regularly.


Common communal waste, paper waste, plastic waste and glass is disposed separately by means of the contract partner of FIRES.


You can consult your reservation with each technician of FIRES via telephone or e-mail.
You can use our offer also privately under the same conditions, e. g. in case you would like to visit the High Tatras, Slovak Republic with your family. If our capacities are free, we will gladly provide you an accommodation in the House at FIRES.

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