The Act on construction products No. 133/2013 Z. z. and CPR in force from 01. 07. 2013

New legislation, The Act No. 133/2013 Coll. on construction products (new Act), which supersedes the Act No. 90/1998 Coll. on construction products as amended by later provisions, came into force on 01. 07. 2013. The Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council (CPR) is effective from the same date, i.e. 01. 07. 2013.

Our Approved/Notified Body provides service according to the new Act/CPR starting on 1st July. We would like to assure our customers that all certification processes which have been commenced, but have not been terminated until 30. 06. 2013 will continue fluently and will be terminated according to the new legislation.

According to the new Act and CPR the construction products which have been placed on the market (market of the Slovak Republic or European Union market) in accordance with valid legislation before 1 July 2013 shall be deemed to comply with the new Act/CPR.

Certificates which have been issued in accordance with valid legislation before 1 July 2013 shall be deemed to be valid until the date of their expiration or until they are superseded by SK certificates according to the new Act/CE certificates according to CPR.

According to the new Act/CPR the manufacturers have to elaborate SK Declaration of Performance/Declaration of Performance. Manufacturer may draw up a declaration of performance on the basis of a certificate of conformity or a declaration of conformity, which has been issued before 1 July 2013 in accordance with valid legislation.

We would be glad to help you in time of introduction of the new legislation into practice. In case of need please contact staff of our Product Certification Body – telephone numbers and e-mail addresses you may find on our web page, part Contacts.

30. August 2017 - 12:15