FIRES, s.r.o. on the list of certification and testing bodies approved by UAE

Our organization completed important project, by which we have tried to help some of our customers. After the introduction of our organization directly to Dubai Civil Defense and subsequent audit of representatives of this authority, we were authorized to conduct tests and issue certificates valid in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Certification and testing valid in UAE

FIRES, s.r.o. is referenced in the list of accepted testing and certification authorities by Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) for UAE for the scope of testing and certification specified in the part: Products acceptable to Civil Defence.

Testing and test reports

Test reports for the products accepted by DCD and marked with accreditation logo are valid in UAE without any limitation. This service is free of charge for all our clients. Information about validity of test reports in UAE is mentioned on the first page of each relevant test report (reports issued before our approval in June 2015 are also valid in case the conditions above are fulfilled).

Certification, certificate and other documents

According requirement of DCD the certificate for UAE is separate document (not the CE certificate or other type of certificates). We issue “voluntary” certificate for this purposes, exclusively on the basis of test(s) which have been carried out in testing laboratory FIRES, s.r.o. Only supporting information can be based on test reports from other testing laboratory included in the list of accepted laboratories by DCD.

The manufacturer has to specify the specification and/or characteristics of the product when asking for this certificate.

The validity of certificate is limited to one year. As soon as the validity of the certificate expires, the new certification has to be carried out in order to issue the new certificate.

According DCD requirement the manufacturer is obliged to mark each product sold to UAE by special label issued and sold to manufacturer by FIRES. Each label must have the unique identification number. FIRES, s.r.o. is obliged to send to DCD special form with information about certificate, manufacturer and product.

The manufacturer is obliged to keep actual list of labelled products (valid only for products sold to UAE) with the name and address of building site where the product is built in (or to whom it was sold). This list has to be available for FIRES, s.r.o. during each followed up factory production control inspection. Factory production control inspection is mandatory before issue of the certificate. The manufacturer is obliged to keep this list during the validity of the certificate and 10 years after expiration of the voluntary certification validity.

Producer is obliged to ask for factory production control inspection at least 6 weeks before the end of the validity of the certificate to keep continuous validity of certificate. The new certificate after 30 days of the end of the validity of the previous one or the new certificate with different scope than the previous one is invoiced as the first time certification.

30. August 2017 - 12:21