New prices for year 2022

Dear business partners,


on behalf of the entire FIRES team, s.r.o., please let me thank you for your cooperation so far and for your confidence, which we very highly appreciate. Especially, it is thanks to you – our customers, that company FIRES, s.r.o. has been operating on the market for 28 years and has achieved an international recognition during this period.


One of the main advantages of cooperation with us is that we are ready to provide you, producers of the various types of construction products with fire resistance, a comprehensive service within launching your products into the market, including technical assessment of certain construction products. We also have exceptional test facilities at our disposal. One of them is an equipment for testing the aerodynamic free area of smoke and heat exhaust ventilators. Most of our output documents are accepted not only within countries respecting EN standards but also in the countries such as United Arab Emirates and Qatar. We are striving to extend the range of our services for you according to needs of the market and our highest interest is to provide you with a high-quality service and as far as possible, as fast as possible.


For you as well as for us, the current period is characterized mainly by rapid changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. In close connection with this, we are all facing a sharp rise in the prices of energy and building materials, and in the case of materials also their shortage on the market. This situation is unpleasant for us, but after a careful analysis of input data and updating the calculation of our prices, we proceeded to adjust the Price List of FIRES, s.r.o. which will be effective from 01. 01. 2022 to allow us to be are able to bear significantly increased costs and continue to provide you with quality services. I assure you that the increase in our prices is proportionate to the increase in our costs and applies only to those of our services where our costs are increasing, due to objective changes. The price increase does not affect neither our services of certification and technical assessment nor the classification reports issue. We will continue to apply the discounts we have been offering to our regular customers without changing the conditions. My colleagues will be happy to inform you about them at your request.


I believe that you will continue to maintain your inclination to us. We will be honored to provide you with our services in the coming period.


Miroslava Rákociová

Director of FIRES, s.r.o.

24. November 2021 - 8:46