Technical assessments by FIRES

Since 2015, FIRES, s.r.o. is authorized institute for technical assessment and Technical Assessment Body (TAB) – member of EOTA, which is able to issue national as well as European Technical Assessments for some construction products.

We are able to carry our technical assessment for the constructional products, which are fully covered by individual parts of European Technical Approval Guidelines (used as EAD) No. ETAG 018 and ETAG 026. These are fire protective products as Reactive Coatings for Fire Protection of Steel Elements, Renderings and Rendering Kits intended for Fire Resisting Applications, Fire protective Board, Slab and Mat products and Kits and Fire Stopping and Fire Sealing Products as Penetration Seals and Linear Joint and Gap Seals. For manufacturers we offer full service; testing, issue of technical assessment and certification.

Please do not hesitate to contact our personnel for more details.

30. August 2017 - 12:26