Work regime in FIRES during COVID 19 crisis

Dear business partner.

We firmly believe that you are safe in this difficult time and that the situation in your company is tolerable despite the difficult working conditions that we are all facing.

We would like to inform you that in FIRES we have found a way how to work with full commitment even today when we fight against the spread of COVID-19. Working on your ordered documents is still in progress and it is possible to consult with our home office workers via e-mail, internet applications or by mobile phone.

We offer you a solution to test your product despite strict measures which prevent your personal participation during assembly or testing.
If you are interested in testing with us, we can arrange the assembly of your specimen by a local installation company or a team of our staff. Although as an independent laboratory we cannot take any responsibility for the correctness of the installation in relation to the test result, we would like to support you as much as possible. Our professional staff is ready to take care of the transfer of your important instructions to the installers and to be in contact with you by telephone or via web cameras and internet applications (Skype, Viber etc.), thus ensuring that you are able to supervise the correct assembly of your specimen as well as subsequent observation of the test.

Several installations have already been carried out for our customers this way and the solution has received a positive response. We know that the range of products we are testing is very diverse and even such solution has its limits. Step by step we will try to break them together.

We believe that we will go through this difficult period together and once it is over, you our customers, will have a competitive advantage.
We can prepare the test reports in a mode that would be considered as express in the previous times. After this pandemic period, you could gain at least a small competitive advantage in the form of a better “starting” position. If such a possibility would be interesting for you, we are ready to agree with you on a specific date.

We would like to offer you more accommodating and individual communication these days, so in case of any questions related to our testing laboratory activities, please do not hesitate to contact Ing. Marek Gorlický (tel. +421 905 416 919,, Ing. Štefan Rástocký (tel. +421 905 259 936, or project manager, who you have already cooperated with during your previous projects.

In the name of the whole FIRES team I would like to wish you a good health and a lot of the positive energy that we all need to manage this difficult period. We wish you all the best and we look forward to welcoming you again to our premises.

Best regards,
Ing. Miroslava Rákociová
Director FIRES, s.r.o.

8. April 2020 - 1:24